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    In the Kimberley region of Western Australia, a 350-million-year-old reef system has created a trio of spectacular natural treasures – Windjana Gorge, Tunnel Creek and Geikie Gorge. Venture into one of the last true wilderness areas on earth to experience all three, and get a taste of the Kimberley pioneering spirit on the legendary Gibb River Road.
    Fly from Perth to Broome in just two and a half hours to start this incredible journey, and experience two amazing, yet contrasting regions of Western Australia.

    Tailor your experience exactly as you like, there is so much to experience in Western Australia and as well as our route suggestions, you’ll find even more ideas below for things to see and do throughout your stay.

    900 MILE 8 DAY ROUTE

    Day 1
    Arrive Broome – spend one night in the 'pearl of the north' – named after the pearls harvested locally. If arriving from March to October when the full moon coincides with low tide at Roebuck Bay, you can see the most awe-inspiring illusion known as the Staircase to the Moon.

    Day 2
    Pick up your 4x4 camper or why not try a 4WD drive car with a caravan from Crikey Campers and drive to Derby (140 miles). Discover Derby’s history, heritage and culture with a visit to the Boab Prison Tree, Wharfinger’s House Museum, the Royal Flying Doctor Base and School of the Air. Or hop on a half-day scenic flight over the world’s only Horizontal Waterfalls and the stunning 1,000 islands and islets of the Buccaneer Archipelago.
    Days 3-4
    Drive the 185 miles to Fitzroy Crossing and take a visit to Windjana Gorge National Park, one of the Kimberley’s most stunning gorges. Follow the 3.5 km walk trail to explore this ancient reef system formed around 350 million years ago. Look out for ancient fossils in the sheer 100-metre-high walls. Just a few miles down the road is Tunnel Creek National Park, WA’s oldest cave system. Take a torch-lit walk through the 750-metre tunnel and its subterranean world of bats and fresh water crocodiles – the safe kind!

    Day 5
    From Fitzroy Crossing take a day trip out to Geikie Gorge (50 miles return). Join the local Bunuba people for a river cruise and cultural tour of the dramatic 30-metre deep Geikie Gorge. Spot native wildlife, freshwater crocs and fossilised ancient lifeforms.
    Day 6
    Another day outing to the Mimbi Caves (115 miles return) - venture into the enchanting labyrinths and cultural sites of Mimbi Caves with an Indigenous guide.
    Day 7
    Return to Broome (250 miles). Camp overnight in Broome and relax on iconic Cable Beach. Make a visit to Sun Pictures, the oldest operating outdoor cinema in the world. Be sure to wander into the neighbouring galleries and admire the works of some of the Kimberley's most celebrated contemporary and Aboriginal artists.
    Day 8
    Return your camper in time for your onward travel.


    Western Australia has a Mediterranean climate so this trip can be taken year-round, however we recommend travelling from November to April to enjoy some of the best weather and make the most of the activities on offer.