Our Escorted Tours of Southern Africa will take you on an enchanting journey by motorhome, where you’ll experience a wide variety of culture, dramatic scenery and wildlife that you just won’t find anywhere else in the world.

    We offer two Escorted Tours to Southern Africa; both holidays include the following within the tour price: flights, motorhome hire, hotel stays, campsites, pre-organised excursions and some meals as stated in the tour itinerary.

    If you’re keen to explore, you’ll find our tour of South Africa to be a great introduction to the Rainbow Nation. It will take you on a journey to where the wild things are, visiting one of the world’s most famous game reserves - Kruger National Park, as well as travelling along the beautiful Garden Route coast line and into Cape Town.

    Our second tour - Southern Africa Discovery, is ideal for experienced travellers who like to see a little more. You’ll take a journey through the four countries of Botswana, Zimbabwe, Namibia and South Africa stopping off to experience the magnificent Victoria Falls and spending time in the local National Parks for a chance to see the Big Five.


    The animals came in two by two... Well maybe not two by two but when we entered Kruger National Park, they were there. In the first 2 days we saw 4 of the ‘Big 5’ as they are referred to. That is lion, water buffalo, elephant and leopard - just missing the black rhino. We encountered elephant, vultures, tortoises, giraffe, baboons, monkeys, warthog, crocodile, hippos, deer, eland, kudu, springbok, hyenas, wild dogs, white rhino, wildebeest and birds galore.

    We had a great time in Kruger. The landscape varied a lot from area to area, either bush scrub land to Savannah grassland, to areas of green with vegetation SA2 and grass and obvious signs of water, to dusty sandy dried up creeks and small bushes trying to survive. It was amazing how anything survives - especially the big animals.

    Its not until you are right up close that you realise just how big a giraffe is and what's with its long neck and knobbly knees! Still, they are designed to survive. We had several early starts in the park, and I mean early, up at 4.30 am and out by 6 am. Checking out waterholes and playing hide and seek with whoever was around. Usual story as soon as you get your camera ready, they're gone. We really enjoyed Kruger, SA3 it was so nice to see animals in their own habitat and roaming free. The next few days took us through some dramatic scenery and geological formations, canyons and potholes formed by water to name but a few. They call it the Panorama Route and rightly too. A place called ‘Gods Window’ presented us with a beautiful view across the hills to Mozambique. Our last big drive took us through a place called Long Tom Pass where a battle took place resulting in the Boers getting the better of the Brits mainly because of a gun (like a canon) they had which could fire shots over 9km (about 5 miles).

    The tour ended in Pretoria for our final farewell meal. Sad for those going home as everyone enjoyed the trip. New friends were made and many stories will be recounted. We did the South Africa and Southern Africa Discovery Tours back-to-back so spent a few days exploring while waiting for the next group to join us and the next tour to start. Whilst on our own we enjoyed mineral baths, had a massage, pedicure and our first African hair cut. We did an African elephant adventure where we spent time interacting with elephants, what an experience it was. Mags also made a new friend of a meerkat!"
    Di and Maggie
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    "We took part in the Southern Africa Discovery Tour in October and November 2015. The trip, our first visit to Africa, was as memorable and fulfilling as we hoped it would be and we were very lucky to see the wildlife and geological features in pretty well perfect weather conditions in the company of a group of likeminded and friendly companions. The people of all the countries we visited made us extremely welcome and were always more than happy to give us their help when it was needed. It was particularly beneficial being a linear journey because we were able to view similar wildlife but in quite different surroundings and visit places in remote locations which would otherwise have been difficult to get to.

    Anyone considering joining this tour in the future shouldn't expect a restful holiday. It is a hard expedition with driving most days, sometimes in remote locations on rough roads and often requiring an early start. We drove 6,600 kilometres, approximately 700 of which were on gravel roads. We tended to rise when or sometimes before the sun made an appearance and got to bed not long after it had set.

    Although the day book provided by the Camping and Caravanning Club is full of useful information, to get the most out of the wide range of places visited, further research is needed by using good guide and reference books and talking to friends who have visited Southern Africa."

    Roger & Wendy Pepper

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    Discover South Africa by motorhome

    If you’re keen to explore the wonderful sights of South Africa then a motorhoming adventure is the perfect choice. Travel into the heart of Kruger National Park and experience magnificent wildlife close up. See the sunrise from stunning mountain ranges and join an evening safari for an exciting journey into the wilderness on the hunt to find the “Big Five”. There are many beautiful campsites too for you to enjoy. These are used throughout our Escorted Tours and are also available for you to stay at if you are creating your own tailor-made touring holiday. You are certain to experience many breath-taking moments in South Africa as well as enjoy some creature comforts along the way. Take a look at our video to find out more...