The Department of Health does not make any specific health recommendations for visitors to Canada; however you may like to check with your doctor before departure. Canada has no reciprocal health agreement with the UK, so you must have full medical insurance to cover the cost of any possible treatment required. For example, if hospitalised, charges are typically CDN$1000-CDN$2000 per day. If you are planning on taking any medications with you on your holiday it is advised that you also carry a doctor’s certificate in order to avoid any problems with customs.
Worldwide Motorhoming Holidays offer fully comprehensive medical and personal holiday insurance for peace of mind while you’re away. 
As with anywhere in the world, it is good practise to be vigilant about your property, both in terms of your motorhome and personal belongings, take sensible precautions to protect yourself from petty crime. Don’t leave your handbag or luggage unattended. Leave copies of important documents with family and friends in the UK. Carry a photocopy of your passport for ID.