Australia’s climate varies across the continent, from hot and tropical in the far north to cool and even snowy in the south. The winter months are generally mild, but offer snow in the southern mountain regions and dry, sunny days in the northern states. Even June in southernmost Australia can be far more pleasant than June in the UK. We recommend that you take suitable clothing for all types of weather – it can be very warm during the daytime and then be very cold at night.

It is advisable to wear layers that you can add to and take off as necessary. It’s important to protect yourself from the Australian sun with a hat, shirt and SPF30+ sunscreen, even on cloudy days. If spending the whole day outdoors, reapply sunscreen regularly. Stay out of the sun during the middle of the day when it is strongest and make sure you drink plenty of fluids to avoid dehydration.

The seasons in Australia are opposite to those in the northern hemisphere; between December and February is summer for most of the country, and the wet season in the tropical north, while the winter is from June to August.