• Talampaya National Park

    Talampaya National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and with more than 50,000 visitors each year, it’s one of the tourism highlights of Cuyo, Argentina. This site is of great scientific importance as well as being an area of outstanding beauty.

    A brief history of Talampaya National Park

    Located in La Rioja, within Cuyo (the rocky, wine-producing central-west part of Argentina) lies Talampaya National Park. The park comprises awe-inspiring mountainous landscapes and covers an area of 830 square miles at 1,500 metres above sea level.

    Talampaya National Park is scientifically important because dinosaurs once ruled its desert lands, leaving behind extraordinary vestiges from the Triassic period, which occurred around 250 million years ago. The geological formations within the park contain fossils from the ancestors of mammals, dinosaurs, and plant life.

    Talampaya first became a provincial reserve in 1975, before becoming a national park in 1997. Together with the adjacent Ischigualasto Provincial Park in San Juan, it achieved world heritage status in 2000.

    What you’ll see at Talampaya National Park

    Many photographs of Talampaya are amazing in their own right, but they don’t compare to the reality of being there and seeing this incredible place in person!

    With its impressive red cliff walls standing tall at more than 150 metres high, the striking rock formations caused by erosion over the years, and of course it’s fascinating Triassic history, Talampaya National Park is a one-of-a-kind experience.

    The park has a breathtaking 525-foot canyon where you can see ancient petroglyphs etched into the rock. The lands of Talampaya were inhabited between 640 BC and 1180 AC, and the remarkable abstract and anthropomorphic patterns are thought to originate from this age.

    Nature lovers will enjoy the range of wildlife at Talampaya. The magnificent Andean Condor, considered to be the largest flying bird in the world, can sometimes be spotted soaring high above Talampaya’s rocky peaks, while guanacos, hares, and foxes explore the land.

    What to expect during your visit

    You’ll need to pay an entrance fee to get into Talampaya, which is 300 pesos (just over £12) per person. To see the sights within the park, you’ll be required to book onto a guided tour which lasts around 3 hours or so, at the cost of 725 pesos per person (about £30).

    There is a well-organised visitor centre at Talampaya, with good facilities and a café where you can buy snacks, meals, and drinks. There is also dedicated parking available. You can even camp overnight at this national park, which is ideal if you want to spend a bit more time absorbing the stunning sights on offer here.

    Amazing Argentina

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