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Geocaching in Sri Lanka

When Brian and Thea Oliver booked to travel on our Splendours of Sri Lanka tour they knew they were in for an adventure, but what they didn't expect was to combine it with their hobby of geocaching.

"As keen geocachers we were thrilled to find that while on the Splendours of Sri Lanka tour we would be able to find some geocaches.

The first one we found was at the Sacred Temple at Anuradhapura called Sri Lanka's hidden gem, where we had to find information about the temple and take a photo.

Others that we found were in fascinating locations. One led us to a gym where we found the cache on top of a cupboard. Brian tried out the equipment of course! Another took us to a fishing house on the beach at Koggala where the local fisherman was delighted to see us and help us sign the log. We were joined on this occasion by our friends on the tour, also keen cachers.

At Nuwara Eliya, we climbed to the top of one of the surrounding hills and were rewarded with amazing views of the town, and we were able to sign the log sheet. But the best of all was at Galle where we found one at the Dutch Fort. It led us all round the Fort collecting information and we found the actual cache in a cafe where we enjoyed a cup of tea with our caching friends while signing the log.

There are about 69 caches in Sri Lanka and we managed to find 16 of them.

The most interesting thing about geocaching is that it takes us to places of interest that the ordinary tourist never finds."

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Geocaching it can probably be best described as a worldwide treasure hunt! Starting back in early 2000 with only 75 geocaches there are now over 3 million caches hidden around the world.  Participants use GPS or a geocaching app to navigate to hidden caches, which come in all shapes and sizes. Each cache will include a log book to sign and in some cases there might be a small item such as a keyring or trinket which can be swapped for another item. The find is then shared online with other geocachers. Geocaching is a great way to encourage all of the family to get out and explore so why not give it a go next time you are away!

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