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Sri Lanka, a tour like no other

Tour Escorts Barbara and Nelson Lacey recently returned from escorting our Splendours of Sri Lanka tour accompanied by 10 guests. The tour visited many of the island's highlights', which the group enjoyed, including Sigiriya rock fortress and a spot of luxury glamping at Madulkelle Tea and Eco Lodge overlooking the impressive Knuckles Mountain Range. Tours in Sri Lanka are slightly different to our other worldwide tours because you have your own personal driver. Here Barbara shares some of her highlights from the tour, including why it's great to have a driver.

"If you want an escorted tour like no other tour then Sri Lanka is the place to go.

Having a driver is a must, as driving here is crazy but very safe. It gives you the opportunity to sit and relax and take in the stunning scenery. The driver is also your personal valet, as he keeps the van topped up with water, empties the loo, and waste water. There is also a support team who supply your every need, from tea and coffee to drinking water. They change your linen every few days, and generally look after you.

On this tour you will camp in stunning locations from high up in the tea plantations, to literally camping on the beach.

Don't be put off if you don't like spicy food, as there is always an alternative. Nearly all the meals are provided, and the odd few days you have to cater for yourself, an omelette is about all you need to cook.

There are wonderful temples and safaris with an assortment of animals and lots of birds to see. There are botanical gardens with beautiful orchids, and stunning beaches as you might expect. In contrast there are plenty of historical buildings, lively towns and train rides that cost almost nothing. The people are very friendly and love having their photo taken.

The motorhomes are European with all the normal facilities, and you really only sleep and shower in them. You eat in some wonderful hotels, and have bbq's, on the beach.

So if you want a holiday where you don't have to cook, don't have to fill or empty the van, don't have to worry about filling with fuel, can sit and relax whilst someone else does the driving, and the sun shines every day, then Sri Lanka is the place to go, it is fantastic."

Our 30-day Splendours of Sri Lanka escorted tour departs on 27 February 2020, find out more here  











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