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    "We recently went on tour to Argentina... with you. We don't usually go on trips like this, we normally make our own arrangements and travel independently but very quickly realised that we could not have done this trip for this price. Although Argentina is not cheap, it was great value for money. If we had travelled independently I don't think we would have done some of the excursion such as the tango night, marvellous buffet lunches and the Iguazu trip. We would have missed out on so much."
    Sheila and Gilroy Coleman

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    Sheila and Gilroy's blog


    “What a fantastic trip... we had in Thailand, Australia and Singapore. It involved 10 flights, 9 hotels, 2 long train journeys, 72 nights in camper vans with 5 van collections in 5 depots in different states. Plus a complete package of trips including the Golden Triangle. This all worked like clockwork, it seemed Diane had thought of everything! No hitches or problems of any sort with the hotels personally chosen for their easy access.

    What fantastic staff you have at Worldwide Motorhoming Holidays. All so helpful during the planning of this wonderful trip. We have highly recommended your services at home and abroad and look forward to more holidays with your help. Truly the trip of a lifetime with a lifetime of adventure and memories.”

    Val and Ted McGill, Cornwall


    "The whole experience was fantastic... even the weather was kind to us on your British Columbia & the Canadian Rockies tour, I still can’t get over the colours of the sky and the lakes!! Everything was organised very well and the group we were with were very friendly and easy going. Our Tour Escorts, Nelson and Barbara Lacey had everything arranged; nothing was too much trouble for them, a huge thank you to them.

    It was a super way of seeing another country with the added bonus of knowing that should there be a problem someone was on hand to help and advise.

    It certainly was the holiday of a lifetime and whetted our appetite for further escorted trips. Thank Diane too for her help and advice given prior to the trip - we are very grateful.”

    Pauline and David Wood, Yorkshire

    "We saw deer, eagles and even rabbits... on our trip across the Canadian Rockies in an RV, from Vancouver to Calgary, taking in Vancouver Island on an epic journey to celebrate an epic 25 years of marriage!"
    Paul and Kay

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    Paul and Kay's blog


    “I have only just come down from cloud 9... I have always wanted to visit Canada since childhood. We arrived in Vancouver in brilliant sunshine. We were let loose in Vancouver and had a fantastic time on great roads and loved everywhere we went. The people, the towns, campgrounds, the wildlife, the views and sounds were all great.

    So thank you Worldwide Motorhoming Holidays for organising it for us. I have lived a dream and will now have to think of where next so may well be contacting you again in the not too distant future.”
    Janet Hyland, Ipswich

    "Thank you Kirsty... for booking our holiday and sorting everything out for us. We truly had the most amazing time in Canada and have fantastic memories of a holiday of a lifetime. From the view out of our window in the hotel on the North Shore of Vancouver to the bears we saw at the side of the road whilst driving along in our Motorhome! Everything was great. Really smooth and all the people we dealt with we're kind, helpful and friendly.

    We are keen to return and do it all over again and when that time comes we will absolutely choose to book with you again.Thank you for everything."
    Gill, Neil, Joel and Toby Cameron


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    "Thank you to Diane... and her colleagues for organising our fantastic holiday in New Zealand. Everything worked out perfectly, all the planes were on time, (Quantas' meals were very good and the leg room was sufficient) the hotels we stayed in were excellent and the Tour Escorts, Carol and Arthur Lancaster, were brilliant.

    We were a little anxious about about being with a group we didn't know, however, right from the first day we couldn't have met a nicer group of people and we have all exchanged email addresses to keep in touch. All were willing to help each other and we have had the most hilarious time together. Thank you again for your tremendous organising skills."

    Pat and Rob Severs

    “The Tour Escorts... Pam & Norman Whitaker were excellent. They gave useful & accurate information on an almost daily basis without interference or direction and nothing was too much trouble, always willing and able to help.

    A group of us took the scenic flight (Salt Air) from Paihia to Cape Reinga following Ninety Mile Beach & returning over the Bay Of Islands and this was a major highlight for us and is highly recommended - just amazing. We could go on and on about so much on the whole trip, it was simply amazing, and would recommend it to anyone who has a sense of adventure and discovery. “

    Chris and Cath Gaskin, Staffs


    "We would like to thank Kate... for arranging our holiday to New Zealand. The holiday went from start to end with out a single hitch. The camper as you know we had never driven or even been in one before, however we both agree that the camper was the highlight. The holiday would never have been so good without it. Once again thank you so much for organising such a wonderful experience - we'll be back!"
    Carol and Dave.

    We have to say a massive thank you to Kirsty... she did a fantastic job in organising our trip of a lifetime. We decided to go flying around the world in 60 days which included a 24 day tour of New Zealand in a motorhome. Our tour started from Heathrow stopping at Dubai, Singapore, Sydney then Christchurch where we picked up our motorhome for the tour then went from Auckland to Fiji, Hawaii, Los Angeles, Miami then Heathrow. We thoroughly enjoyed writing a blog along the way and it will be a long and lasting memory of our epic trip.
    Eileen and Dave

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    The animals came in two by two... Well maybe not two by two but when we entered Kruger National Park, they were there. In the first 2 days we saw 4 of the ‘Big 5’ as they are referred to. That is lion, water buffalo, elephant and leopard - just missing the black rhino. We encountered elephant, vultures, tortoises, giraffe, baboons, monkeys, warthog, crocodile, hippos, deer, eland, kudu, springbok, hyenas, wild dogs, white rhino, wildebeest and birds galore.

    We had a great time in Kruger. The landscape varied a lot from area to area, either bush scrub land to Savannah grassland, to areas of green with vegetation SA2 and grass and obvious signs of water, to dusty sandy dried up creeks and small bushes trying to survive. It was amazing how anything survives - especially the big animals.

    Its not until you are right up close that you realise just how big a giraffe is and what's with its long neck and knobbly knees! Still, they are designed to survive. We had several early starts in the park, and I mean early, up at 4.30 am and out by 6 am. Checking out waterholes and playing hide and seek with whoever was around. Usual story as soon as you get your camera ready, they're gone. We really enjoyed Kruger, SA3 it was so nice to see animals in their own habitat and roaming free. The next few days took us through some dramatic scenery and geological formations, canyons and potholes formed by water to name but a few. They call it the Panorama Route and rightly too. A place called ‘Gods Window’ presented us with a beautiful view across the hills to Mozambique. Our last big drive took us through a place called Long Tom Pass where a battle took place resulting in the Boers getting the better of the Brits mainly because of a gun (like a canon) they had which could fire shots over 9km (about 5 miles).

    The tour ended in Pretoria for our final farewell meal. Sad for those going home as everyone enjoyed the trip. New friends were made and many stories will be recounted. We did the South Africa and Southern Africa Discovery Tours back-to-back so spent a few days exploring while waiting for the next group to join us and the next tour to start. Whilst on our own we enjoyed mineral baths, had a massage, pedicure and our first African hair cut. We did an African elephant adventure where we spent time interacting with elephants, what an experience it was. Mags also made a new friend of a meerkat!"
    Di and Maggie
    Jan & Paddy's Blog

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    "We took part in the Southern Africa Discovery Tour in October and November 2015. The trip, our first visit to Africa, was as memorable and fulfilling as we hoped it would be and we were very lucky to see the wildlife and geological features in pretty well perfect weather conditions in the company of a group of likeminded and friendly companions. The people of all the countries we visited made us extremely welcome and were always more than happy to give us their help when it was needed. It was particularly beneficial being a linear journey because we were able to view similar wildlife but in quite different surroundings and visit places in remote locations which would otherwise have been difficult to get to.

    Anyone considering joining this tour in the future shouldn'€™t expect a restful holiday. It is a hard expedition with driving most days, sometimes in remote locations on rough roads and often requiring an early start. We drove 6,600 kilometres, approximately 700 of which were on gravel roads. We tended to rise when or sometimes before the sun made an appearance and got to bed not long after it had set.

    Although the day book provided by the Camping and Caravanning Club is full of useful information, to get the most out of the wide range of places visited, further research is needed by using good guide and reference books and talking to friends who have visited Southern Africa."

    Roger & Wendy Pepper

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    “I just wanted to say thank you... for all your efforts on making our holiday so wonderful. Everything went without a hitch. We saw the most amazing wildlife; bears, eagles, wolves, buffalo, moose, elk, mountain goats, racoons, etc. The people we met were really friendly and eager to pass the time of day with us. We went from getting sunburn in South Dakota to near freezing in Teton. A big thanks again, and hopefully we will call on your excellent services again next year.”
    Neil and Mandy Templar, Devon